Heineken Champions Voyage

or the past 7 years, The Ibiza Final – one of Heineken’s most prized activations in their UEFA sponsorship calendar – rewarded competition winners, trade partners, influencers and journalists with an exclusive screening and celebration of the Champions League Final.

All located on the party island of Ibiza. Despite its continued success, Heineken’s Global Sponsorship team felt that the time was right to create a new and even more spectacular Champions League Final experience.

So, rather than just moving the event to another location, we rethought it from the ground up to devise a truly epic experience that took place on board a cruise liner, bound for Europe’s latest party capital, Mykonos.

The Heineken Champions Voyage fused an iconic sporting moment with the iconography of a glamorous, seafaring adventure, capturing the imagination of football fans across the world.

Touching down in Athens, we kicked off the event followed by a spectacular screening of the Champions League Final and a showstopping celebration. The next day we sailed to Mykonos where we organized a beach party, and then headed to one of the worlds top 10 clubs for a night of partying and dancing

  • Role Creative Strategy

  • For Heineken + Jack Morton

  • Date 2018

  • Type Experiential. Sport Sponsorship

  • URL vimeo.com/223774255

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